Weight Management
Safe, medically based program. 40 yr. track record. Real food, real portions. No drugs. No gimmicks. Moderate exercise. No hunger pangs & cravings. Personalized coaching. A complete program. Healthy & effective.

Certified Organic Nutrition
Organic nutrition from certified organic farms. Whole food concentrate. The world's only vitamin/mineral supplements that are grown, harvested & processed by the same company. 1st company to be rated by NSF for sports nutrition, meeting purity & verifying all claims made as true.

Organic Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Certified to be mercury free. Pure, most bio-available fish oil on the market. Research shows vital signsimprove. Only omega 3 company to ever receive a USP Verification for high quality & purity.

Anti-aging Skin Care
Skin is a major organ. Keep it looking as healthy & as young as possible with one of the top 5 premium brands of skin care in the world. Rated by Euro Monitor, an independent business rating  company.
Sports Nutrition
World class sports nutrition. Certified by NSF for NCAA use. Used by Olympic athletes and professional athletes alike. Sports nutrition drinks; sugar free energy drinks with O sugars, O carbs, 8 calories & lots of nutrition. Healthy snacks. Oxygen empowered water.

Purified Water
Rated by  NSF International as #1 purification system in the US. Removes over 140 EPA pollutants. Destroys micro-organisms. Leaves minerals in. Handles 1320 gallons. "The worlds best source of water". Water that is 99.99% pure.

Air Purification Filtration
3 stage filtration. Pre-filter, HEPA filter, carbon filter, Removes 99.99% of airborne contaminants. Reduces smoke,cooking odors, pet odors, mold spores, pollen, dust, bacteria, mites, asbestos, & radon decay. Clear & clean 390 sq. ft. room in 30 minutes.

Genetic Testing
Test to determine if you are predisposed for certain health related conditions, such as inflammatory heart disease or if you absorb B vitamins & handle oxidative stress well.  Affiliated with bio-technology leader in gene research, development, & technology. 20 patents for genetic testing procedures. Private, easy  to read report that analyzes& interprets test results.
Soon to be released  genetic tests; Genetic testing for predisposition for bone loss & testing for predisposition for weight gain.