Health Pro is a Saline based company that deals with health & wellness & dedicated to helping you live healthier today by making lifestyle corrections for habits that are robbing years off your life. Health Pro is 12 year old company that is a service, merchandising, and consulting company.

Owners J. Steven & Pamela Bebber are professional educators & business owners, with over 25 years each in the field of education. Steve holds  B.S. & M.S. degrees in the field of health & fitness & has over 25 years of experience in his expertise, in addition to coaching football & track & being a former Division 1 collegiate athlete.

Pamela has a B.A. degree from MSU in Communications & Drama & has trained many  students in the fine art of communicating thought and expression, not only in the classroom but also in theater. She has also worked extensively as a corporate trainer in business for GM and Lansing Community College.

Both utilize  on-going continuing education from experts in nutrition, weight management & metabolic syndrome, air & water purification,  sports nutrition, anti-aging skin care,  & genetic  testing,  to help individuals achieve life changing goals. The goal of Health Pro is to improve an  individual's health and longevity by taking small steps towards having a better quality of life and using top of the line, world class products.