Health Pro is a Saline/Ann Arbor area company that deals    with health & wellness. We are dedicated to helping you feel better tomorrow by teaching you how to live better today by making lifestyle corrections for habits that may be robbing years off your life.                    

  With on-going continuing education from experts in organic      nutrition, weight management, air & water purification,   sports nutrition, anti-aging skin care & genetics testing, Health Pro is highly qualified to help individuals achieve life-changing goals.

  Our goal is to improve an individual's health and longevity by taking small steps towards having a better quality of life.

  We are determined to share the importance of good nutrition,  omega-3 fatty acids, pure air & water, weight loss, sports nutrition, anti-aging skin care, & DNA testing, with those that have a true concern with improving their health.

   Many chronic ailments are due to poor eating habits, enviromental factors, lack of exercise, and weight gain.        Weight gain is caused by poor metabolism. Poor  metabolism     is caused by hormone imbalance and hormone imbalance is caused by eating the wrong foods.
  Some ailments are also caused by a genetic predisposition    that is triggered by things we eat or don't eat.  Research      proves  nutrition can help prevent diseases. The field of         nutrigenomics shows that nutrition may eliminate disease by changing our biochemistry. This allows the client to take a pro-active stance for  improved health.